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It Started with a Simple Thought

We’ve all been there. You see someone else accomplish something and you tell yourself I can do that. Well Gia Peebles did that and actually went through with it.  Gia Peebles of Durham, NC attended the annual Big Rock Fishing Tournament in June 2019.  She noticed there were “women of all ages coming from fishing boats with fish and winning prizes”. However, there were no women of color competing.” She said to herself, “We can do this.” Her we included four other accomplished, entrepreneurial women she knew would be up to the challenge. With Gia Peebles, the Ebony Anglers, a competitive women’s fishing team, are Lesleigh Mausi, Glenda Turner and Bobbiette Palmer and Tiana Davis. These women not only competed, but won their first tournament. They won first place in the King Mackerel division of the Spanish Mackerel and Dolphin Tournament in Morehead City held on the weekend of July 17-18, 2020. 

 The Ebony Anglers

And it doesn’t stop there. The Ebony Anglers have created two educational programs – Black Girls Fish (BGF) and Black Boys Boat (BBB). Each program is designed to educate the youth in the fundamentals of fishing and boating as a sport and as a lifestyle while providing life skills that promote self-sufficiency, physical and intellectual fortitude, and sound leadership values.

What’s next for the Ebony Anglers? Well, they will continue to compete in qualifying events throughout 2021,striving to reach their ultimate goal: to compete in the Big Rock Blue Marlin Fishing Tournament in June 2021.  Let’s cheer them all the way! Find out more at

Just imagine if we all follow through with the thought, “I Can do that”?  Let’s see some more black girl magic.


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